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Meet Pascal Touzeau:
A Dance Visionary

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Pascal Touzeau, a true luminary in the realm of dance. With a career that spans decades and a passion that knows no bounds, Pascal Touzeau has left an indelible mark on the global dance stage.



Pascal Touzeau's dance journey has taken him across continents, enriching his creative palette and enriching the dance world:

• 2023 NOWADAY (Director )
• 2020 Director Dance Work Factory
• 2019 Résidence Malandain Ballet Biarritz

• 2018 Whim W ́Him (USA)
• 2018 Alienorballet (France)
• 2017 Alienorballet (France)
• 2017 Direction Aliernorballet
• 2016 Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine (France)

• 2016 National Ballet Israel
• 2016 Chergui Dance Cie (Maroco)
• 2016 Ballett Nordhausen (Germany)
• 2015 Tanzcompagny Giessen (Germany)

• 2015 National Ballet Croatia (Croatia)
• 2014 Tanzcompagny Giessen (Germany)
• 2009 Director Ballettmainz
• 2008 TanzimAugust(Berlin) 

• 2010 Hellerau ( Dresden)
• 2007 Ballet der Dresden Semperoper (Germany)

• 2007 Madrid Dance Project (Germany)
• 2006 Ballet Madrid – Touzeau (Spain)
• Director Ballet Madrid
• 2005 Ballet National de Marseille (France)

• 2003 Ballet Carmen Roche (Spain)
• Director Ballet Carmen Roche
• 2002 Ballet Victor Ullate (Spain)
• 2002 Carte Blanche (Norway)
• 2001 Rotterdam Dances Works (Holland)
• 2001 Frankfurt Ballet (Germany)
• 2000 Ballett Karlsruhe (Germany)
• 2000 Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon (France)
• 2000 Göteborg Ballet (Sueden)
• 1999 Stuttgart Ballet (Germany)
• 1998 Ballett Karlsruhe (Germany)

• 1995 Theater Moussonturm Frankfurt (Germany)


Collaboration with William Forsythe:

Pascal's collaboration with William Forsythe has produced notable works like "Eidos Teilos," "Small Void," and "Four Point Counter," establishing him as a respected choreographer known for his innovative approach.


Collaboration with the French Institute in Mainz:

Pascal's collaboration with the French Institute in Mainz reflects his commitment to cultural exchange and artistic exploration.

Join us for a transformative dance experience with Pascal Touzeau! Discover how the magic of movement, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can bring incredible change to your dance journey. Dive into a world of dance, where innovation and artistic expression know no bounds. Your adventure begins here.

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