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Alfonso Bordi

Ballet, Yoga for Dancers & Floor Barre

 Alfonso Bordi received his ballet training at the National Dance School in Mexico City and at the Boston School of Ballet. He danced for the Atlanta Ballet and for various contemporary companies and choreographers in Mexico, Canada, the USA and Europe. For 20 years he was a member of the ensemble NEUER TANZ in Düsseldorf.

His ballet lessons are influenced by the Balanchine style. He has been a teacher since 1992. Alfonso teaches ballet, floor barre and yoga, among other things. Floor barre is an isometric bodywork designed for dancers with the aim of isolating and strengthening the (mostly internal) muscles needed for stabilization in dance and everyday life. It includes elements of yoga and Pilates. And Yoga for Dancers contains the classic yoga elements, but has more flow in the movement sequences, longer sequences and is almost choreographic. Alfonso emphasises the importance of correct posture and comfort.

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