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Advanced Performance Lessons

Our philosophy in teaching classical dance is to promote the enthusiasm and talent of our students in ballet under professional guidance and to ensure adequate preliminary training up to university entrance qualification.

It is particularly important to my team and me that, in addition to a great passion for ballet, the children and young people also have other essential qualities such as discipline, a well-founded and clean dance technique, musicality, flexibility and strength, to name just a few points, respectful and in a trusting environment. We would like to emphasize the potential of your children as much as possible and encourage them intensively without neglecting their individual anatomy.

The aim here is to prepare for entrance exams at ballet and dance schools in Germany and Europe. In addition, it is very important to us to enable the ballet students to pass on a well-founded craft in order to be able to express their enthusiasm and passion for classical ballet at the highest level.

Roughly summarized, the training workload of our performance classes includes 3-4x per week 90min training. Usually 60 minutes each of classical ballet and 30 minutes each of strength, endurance and stretching. From a certain level pointe dancing becomes a big part of the training. In addition, the repertoire of classical variations, ballet theory and character dance are added.

The expression work is part of the training right from the start.


In addition, there is a ballet examination for all performance classes every six months, in which we document the development of our students in detail and give each individual student individual feedback from the examination committee in order to create a clear orientation for further development.

It is important to us to regularly inform the parents about the developmental status of their children. To this end, we will invite you to an open day and discussion every year.

For both boys and girls, there are regular auditions for the ballet performance classes of the Rosenthal Ballet School. Prior knowledge is not mandatory but desirable.

The entrance exams take place at Rosenthal Ballet, Bastionstraße 9 in 40213 Düsseldorf Carlstadt.

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