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Dina Ed Dik

Contemporary Dance

Dina Ed Dik completed her dance training at the Fonty’s Dance Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Since then she has worked as a freelance dancer and performer at various theatres and with independent companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, among other countries.


From 2001, Dina has been an assistant and member of the ensemble for the French choreographer Jérôme Bel and works with various international ensembles on new productions of his pieces as well as directing the rehearsals for them. From this, she has gained extensive experience in working with large, very diverse groups.


Besides her love for dance, Dina has embraced Lyengar Yoga for several years, finding it to be an invaluable complement to her dance training. The exercises and principles she has learned from this practice have become essential tools for improving flexibility and strength, seamlessly integrated into her dynamic and engaging classes.

Dina has a great appreciation for the freedom and the many influences found within contemporary dance. This genre allows individuals to explore and embrace various dance styles, ultimately leading them to discover their own unique artistic expression. Dina says, "You can tell what suits you" Her classes are thoughtfully crafted to empower students in caring for their bodies, finding joy in the act of dancing, and moving with uninhibited freedom.

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