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Lia Rosenthal

Owner & Management

Hello, I'm Lia!


I’m delighted to have you here, visiting our site.


In 2015, I founded Rosenthal Ballet, and since 2019, I have been running the ballet school located in the beautiful Carlstadt district of Düsseldorf.


My mission is to cultivate a nurturing environment where all individuals can express their love for dance and fully immerse themselves in ballet lessons.


Constantly engaging with my dear colleagues enriches me immensely, enabling us to continually grow and push boundaries. Our curiosity and passion for dance are boundless, and it's always an incredibly exhilarating journey to discover the infinite wonders of the dance universe.


Similar to our ballet students, the journey itself holds significance, emphasizing the importance of walking it consciously and, above all, enjoying every step along the way.


While professionalism is of utmost importance to me, I also cherish a playful approach, particularly when teaching dance. This approach proves invaluable in helping adult students approach ballet exercises with a sense of relaxation, allowing self-doubt to fade into the background. Instead, they can embrace a serene mindset, even when things don't initially go as planned. The key is to keep trying, adopting a playful mindset, until success is achieved. 😊


As an adult, I believe it's crucial and immensely rewarding to rediscover the joy of being a beginner and daring to explore new things.


For me it is important that we all - the Rosenthal Ballet Team as well as the students - have fun! And that we go about our business to share something very precious together:

Joy in dancing and the desire to learn.



Welcome to Rosenthal Ballet.

We, the entire Rosenthal Ballet team, are very pleased

to be able to share our passion for dance with you!


​You are also welcome to visit my website

Instagram @liarosenthal_coaching


Warm regards,


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