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Nwarin Gad

Ballet & Musical Jazz

Nwarin studied Classical ballet and choreography at the Academy of Arts in Cairo and has been a soloist for many years, including at the Cairo Opera House and the Aalto Theater in Essen. Nwarin also has many years of experience in dance pedagogy.

“Ballet is probably the most aesthetic form of dance. Every single muscle is needed for this dance form and challenges our concentration, coordination and body awareness. Ballet not only forms a clean basic foundation for all dance styles. Through ballet you understand your body, your muscles and the beauty of dance itself. And everyone can dance!”


This is exactly the view of classical ballet dancer Nwarin Gad, who has been a professional dancer for over 23 years. All dance enthusiasts, whether young or old, beginners or advanced, who enjoy music and dance and want to refine their dance technique, are very welcome here.

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