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Odsuren Dagva

"Every profession has its own wonders, but art offers a unique perspective on life. Life has a way of guiding us to where we truly belong. For me, dance, especially ballet, is a medium through which I can explore and express my true self, embracing beauty, kindness, and love.

I share my ballet journey with others to inspire them to experience the emotions and connections it fosters, encouraging the growth of their own identity and capacity for love and kindness in their lives."

Odsuren Dagva exemplifies a deep reservoir of experience, artistic skill, and a distinctive cultural touch that greatly enriches our group's dynamics.

Educational Beginnings

  1. Odsuren embarked on his artistic path at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia, where from 1996 to 2003, he diligently developed his craft. This early educational experience was crucial in shaping his professional journey in dance.

Professional Pathway

  1. Ballett Koblenz (2018-Present): Here, as a Group/Solo Dancer under the leadership of Steffen Fuchs, Odsuren has shown his adaptability and depth in dance.

  2. Ballett am Rhein (2013-2018): His time as a Soloist Dancer, under the artistic direction of Martin Schläpfer, was marked by growth and artistic exploration.

  3. Staatsballett Thüringen (2008-2013): In his role as a Soloist Dancer, with Silvana Schröder as Director, he continued to expand his artistic capabilities.

  4. Atlantic Ballet of Canada (2006-2007): As a Soloist Dancer under Igor Dobrovolskiy, he demonstrated his evolving talent.

  5. Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (1998-2007): Starting his career as a Soloist Dancer under T. Erdenebat, he began laying the foundations for future success.

  6. Komoki Ballet Theatre (2003): His early work as a Soloist Dancer under Sou Kigochi played a pivotal role in his artistic development.

Galas and Recognition

  1. Odsuren's career includes appearances at various international galas, where he has shown his ability to engage audiences globally. His notable performances include the Galas in Greifswald and the Deutsche Opera.

  2. He has been the recipient of several awards, like the Gold Medal at the 2005 Asian Solo Dancer's Competition in Mongolia and the Theater Oscar in 2012 for Outstanding Ballet Performance.

Choreographic Contributions

  1. Odsuren has had the honor of performing pieces by renowned choreographers such as Martin Schläpfer, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, and Hans van Manen, which have enriched his understanding and repertoire in ballet.

Odsuren's eagerness to share his knowledge of ballet and dance makes his classes a deeply rewarding and educational experience. Participating in Odsuren's classes offers a valuable opportunity to learn and grow in the art of ballet.

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