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13/14 February 2021

Carnival Dance Zoom Event - Watch Video 1 Here
                                               - Watch Video 2 Here

11 February 2021

February 2021

February Tips #2 Lockdown Highlights - Read the article on Dorf Online

25 November 2020

Dance in Corona Times in Düsseldorf - Read the article in the RP
                                                            - Read the article in the WZ

12 May 2020

“By Düsseldorfers for Düsseldorfers”  

We at Rosenthal Ballet are grateful and overjoyed to be able to pursue our joy of dancing together again after the closure of the ballet school due to Corona.

On May 1st, 2020, the ballet school in Düsseldorf Carlstadt turned exactly 1 year old.

We cannot celebrate this anniversary in a conventional way. Instead, we want to give something back and support the "Special Fund for the City's Poorest", which Heinrich Heine University and the Düsseldorf Citizens' Foundation have set up.

True to the motto "from Düsseldorfers for Düsseldorfers", those in need are helped quickly and unbureaucratically. Maybe you too will find the projects exciting, because it is best to help together in Corona times. Read article here.

6 April 2020

City happenings - This is what Düsseldorf shops are offering now! - Read the article on Libelle Magazine Online

1 April 2020

Stay home and dance! - Read the article in the RP

7 January 2020

Ballet professionals will soon be coming from Carlstadt - Read the article in the RP

4 May 2019

Reopening of our ballet school in Düsseldorf
The dance halls are called Carl and Grace
- Read the article in the RP

4 April 2019

Premiere of "Pinocchio" in the Rheinisches Landestheater
A big dance unit on the stage
- Read the article in the RP

5 April 2017

Dance theatre with many fairy tale characters Rosenthal Ballet - Read the article in the RP

3 February 2017

Ballerinas dance ballet in the Landestheater Rosenthal - Read the article in the RP

5 September 2016

Parish festival with a large program Rosenthal was also there - Read the article in the RP

26 September 2015

Lia Rosenthal – the new head of the Rosenthal Ballet barre - Read the article in the RP

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