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Myriam Nilius-Kloos

Classical Ballet and Children's Dance


Although my ballet lessons according to the Waganova method are disciplined and regulated, I am a person who enjoys laughter and effectively conveys the fun and enthusiasm for dance to my students. For me as a teacher, it is nice to be able to witness the joy and continuous progress of my students, and to encourage them individually in their personality, performance and imagination.

I underwent my initial ballet training during my time at the renowned John-Cranko Ballet School in Stuttgart, which is affiliated with the Württemberg State Theater. Subsequently, I pursued my studies as a student at the state-approved ballet school in Ronecker, near Stuttgart. To expand my knowledge and qualifications, I pursued training as a dance teacher and obtained a "Diploma Dance Teacher" degree, following the guidelines set by the Council for Performing Arts and Dance in the German Cultural Council. Furthermore, I have obtained a certification from the "Ballettseminare Stuttgart" program, specialising in the Waganova method, under the guidance of Eva Steinbrecher, a former soloist with the Stuttgart Ballet. I have also consistently pursued training in the Russian ballet methodology under the guidance of Ursula Borrmann and Marianne Künzi. To broaden my expertise, I have engaged in further training in the realm of creative children's dance, specifically with Gisela Peters-Rohse. Drawing from my extensive training and knowledge, I have gained valuable pedagogical experience at various ballet schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. As an independent dance professional, I proudly hold membership in the German professional association for dance teachers (DBfT e.V.), which enables me to stay connected with fellow professionals in the field and stay updated on the latestindustry developments.

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