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Discover the art of Ballet with Pascal Touzeau at Rosenthal Ballet

Unlock the secrets of Ballet and take your dance journey to new heights with Pascal Touzeau, a distinguished figure in the world of Dance.


With a rich history as a former director and choreographer at Ballett-Mainz, Ballet Madrid, and Ballet Carmen Roche, and a soloist for William Forsythe, Pascal brings enormous expertise to our professional ballet classes.

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Join Pascal Touzeau's
Innovative Dance Lab

Unleash your creativity with Pascal Touzeau in a transformative 8 month dance lab like no other!


Dive into the world of movement and improvisation, where artistry meets innovation, and tradition meets evolution.

  • Every Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm

  • From Mid October 2023 until End of June 2024 (not during the NRW school holidays)

What to Expect 

Pascal Touzeau, drawing inspiration from Forsythe's improvisation technology, has developed his own unique approach to movement. In this dance laboratory, you'll not only learn from a seasoned professional, but also discover how to create your own material.

Explore and Compose
Pascal will guide you through the process of composing and structuring your material, whether it's for a solo performance or collaboration with others. You'll learn the art of expression and choreography, all under the mentorship of Pascal's expertise.

Embracing Tradition & Legacy

As one of Forsythe's Soloists, Pascal values and preserves the rich tradition and legacy of the Forsythe school.

Together, we will experiment, search, and fuse ideas and vocabulary to enhance your dance style.

Keep the creative flame alive

Throughout the dance lab, remember the words that drive us: "Creating, Renewing, Experimenting."

These are the pillars upon which we'll build our artistic journey.

Showcase your artistry

Our ultimate goal is to present an open class performance on 2nd March, 1st May, and 29th June 2024 at Rosenthal-Ballett, where you will have the opportunity to showcase the material you've created and composed in different spaces.

Don't miss this chance to expand your horizons and tap into your artistic potential. Join us for a journey that blends tradition and innovation, culminating in mesmerising performances in 2024!


Reserve your spot today, and let your creativity soar with Pascal Touzeau!

For more info and to register, contact:

0211 542 682 62

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Ballet Classes - Intermediate

and Professional Level 


Pascal Touzeau offers carefully tailored classes designed to elevate your dance skills, catering to both intermediate and professional dancers. These courses are individually customised to meet your specific needs.

Benefit from Personalised Guidance Recognising the uniqueness of each dancer, Pascal provides personalised feedback and support to help you reach your dance aspirations.

Experience Artistry and Innovation Pascal's artistic vision transcends tradition, seamlessly blending classical techniques with cutting-edge concepts. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and empowered as you immerse yourself in the world of ballet.

Join us and elevate your dance journey

Don't miss this opportunity to train with Pascal Touzeau, a dance luminary known for his passion, expertise, and dedication to the art of ballet. Availability is limited, and these classes are exclusively available for only 8 months.


So enrol now and embark on a captivating ballet journey with Pascal Touzeau. Your path to artistic excellence starts here!

Ballet Levels: Intermediate-Advanced

Class Schedule:

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm - 8pm

Fridays @ 6pm - 7:30pm

Course Start: 18th Oct & 20th Oct 2023

Ballet Levels: Pre Professional and Professional

Class Schedule:

Tue 10am-11:30am Ballet supérior,

Wed 10am-11:30am Point-Work specific, Thur 10am-11:30am Ballet supérior.

Course Start: 17th, 18th and 19th Oct 2023


Location: Rosenthal-Ballett, Bastionstraße 9 in 40213 Düsseldorf



Exclusively available until 28th June 2024!

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